Accountability, Week Six

Rough week, accountability-wise. I set my goal for this week low, because of my surgery on Tuesday, and failed to meet even that goal. I did make all my deadlines, in terms of articles I’d promised to deliver, but wrote very little more than that.

This was bound to happen over the corse of nine weeks of work, and I will need to adjust my goals going forward in order o make up for the shortfall. It’s all part of treating my writing like a business. Businesses have bad weeks, but they track their statistics carefully enough to catch trends before they become bad months.

Stats for this week:

  • Total Earnings Goal: $1,000
  • Total Earnings This Week: $735
  • Earnings Compared to Benchmark: 73%
  • Total Earnings So Far: $11,745
  • Progress Toward Long-Term Goal: 59%
Thanks for listening.

One thought on “Accountability, Week Six

  1. Having just started working from home I can already see the benefits you talk about with scheduling. Bit by bit and the job will be done because that’s what we said we’d do.

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