Accountability July 3, 2011

This week was a big, fat win for accountability — and even better because I’m working remotely with internet more than 30 minutes away.

  • Completed for-pay work to meet goals: check
  • Five acts of marketing: check
  • Completed work on four blogs: check
  • Work on three book or article proposals: check
  • Two sessions of administrative work: check
  • One education module (read an ebook on SEO): check

Freakin’  woot! Gold star for Jason!

On the subject of gold stars, I’m the kind of person who makes doing it — and reporting it — its own reward. Saying “check” is all the gold star I need. That doesn’t make me a superior being or anything, it’s just how I work. Other people, many far harder workers than I am, use a system of personal rewards to motivate themselves to reach their goals. My wife, a teacher, likes stickers she can put on the family calendar.

What are some of your gold stars?

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