Anatomy of a Book Project, Part One

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now seeking representation or publication for my book on family safety. My resume includes more than two decades of martial arts teaching, security work and teaching children, adults and families about personal safety. I’ve completed thousands of hours of training, conducted hundreds of hours of classes, and read every major book in the field. I am the managing editor and lead contributor for Full Circle Safety, a website about all facets of living well and long. In my research, I’ve noticed something. You can buy many (many, MANY) books about crime prevention, babyproofing, traffic safety or fire prevention. You can find podcasts and websites on all of these subjects. This is great, since the more people know about these subjects the better. What the world lacks, though, is a single volume covering the basics of all these topics so parents have a go-to reference for keeping their families safe. I figure I’m the guy to write it…and you’re going to help me. Since many of my readers are at the “I’m sold…but how do I start?” stage of writing full time, I’ll be posting weekly on how to put together a book proposal and sell it to an agent or publisher. I’ll include step-by-step descriptions of what I’m doing and why, along with the actual letters, outlines and sample chapters I’ll prepare for the proposal. By the end, you’ll all see exactly how this is done…and I’ll have my proposal online and generating hits. One of those hits might be an interested agent. If not, the hits themselves can help me convince an agent that my platform is worth hitching her wagon to. Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for listening.

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