Friday Fun: PodioBooks

I’ve written before about the exciting New Pulp Era in which we writers live. Publishing is cheap. New media is opening all kinds of venues to display — and make a living from — our work. Despite a lot of uncertainty in traditional publishing, it’s a great time to be a working writer.

One example of this is the PodioBooks website. Founder Evo Terra and his team help “underpublished” authors find a home for their work. It breaks down like this:

Authors record individual chapters or sections of their books, which they post on as a series of podcasts.

Users can download them for free — or for a nominal donation. Fans can also download complete copies of the novels for a small fee. The overwhelming majority of those fees go straight to the authors.

The service is free, though the site will hook you up with professional editors, readers and experts if you like.

It’s an intriguing model, which has been successful for the past few years. In 2012, I plan to put some of the stories from my fiction blog up there, to see how it works out.

Meanwhile, download some fiction. It’s a pretty cool idea.  You can also listen to an in-depth interview of Mr. Terra by “Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty.

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