Market Review: Blogging for Hire

Jason Brick Blogging Services For my money (see what I did there?), professional blogging is the most exciting writing opportunity right now. I think so for a bunch or reasons:

1. It’s open to beginners and seasoned pros alike, with scaling rates of pay.

2. The writing is easy and fun.

3. There’s enough market to write as much as you need to for your goals.



What It Is: A blog is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting a business — almost any business, from small-town coffee shops to multinational Fortune-500 megacorps. If the owner or CEO doesn’t want to write the blog on her own, they need to hire it done. That’s where we come in.

What It Pays: My clients (call me mid-level in terms of career placement) pay be between $65 and $100 per 400-600 word post, with reasonable rewrites. On topics where I’m already informed, two an hour isn’t really difficult. Do that math and you’ll see why I love this gig. For beginners, $25 a post isn’t unreasonable.

Why They Pay That: Copy writers are at a huge advantage right now because most business owners remember what Yellow Pages ads cost. If you can come in below that often 4-figure cost, you can name your price — especially since the results are so much easier to track. 

Things to Know: 

  • Understand blogging style. It’s different from AP style or the writing you did in high school and college. has a wealth of advice on this.
  • Grok SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most clients will want you to know about this, and those who don’t will be way impressed when you show them that you do. Check out John Ellis to learn the basics.
  •  Clients come and go, even faster than with other gigs. Always work with a handful of clients so when one wanders, you still have plenty of available work.

Getting Started: Your best bet for that first gig is to reach out to people you know. If you’re still working a job, see about some posts for the company. Check with friends and relatives who own a business or work in marketing. Grab a coffee for the owners of businesses you frequent. At least two of them will be willing to pay you (even if it’s just exchange) for a handful of posts. After you’ve built a portfolio — with proven results — start approaching other businesses and getting referrals. 

Anybody else out there have insights or questions about blogging for pay? Comment below to share with the crowd. 


2 thoughts on “Market Review: Blogging for Hire

  1. Jason,

    Great post. Thanks for the shout out. Just curious… when you are hired.. do you also find images for posts and do the SEO? Or are you just hired to craft text?

    Different clients have different needs. Some can take what you write and go with it.. others need you to place on page and do styling.

    Do you have the same variances with your clients or are you content only and hand off the actual site?


    • Hi John. Great question. The answer for me is “yes.” I have clients who want text only, clients who have an image service and give me the password, and clients who want the material complete with images. I offer different levels of service and let the client make the decision.

      Of course, with great responsibility comes great hourly rates….

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