Domain Service Scam: And SEO Saga (Part Five)

Domain Service       Alert readers will recall my vendetta against the scurvy scallawags at Domain Registry of America. For new readers, here’s the deal. Domain service providers come at all levels of legitimacy and value. At the bottom of the heap, the folks normal scam artists scrape off their shoes after some time in a pasture full of sick cows, is Domain Registry of America. Continue reading

New Year Goals, 2013

Another year, another set of goals. First, I want to thank everybody for tuning in since 2011. You’ve made this fun, and I hope I’ve kept it entertaining. I trust all of you have set some goals or resolutions for your writing during our next orbit around the sun. So have I.

But I’m not going to tell you about them.

Derek Sivers, a guy who studies this kind of thing, said not to in a TED talk I watched last summer. You can watch the whole video here.
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Technical Difficulties

Hi All,

Just a quick announcement. Some services have been targeting my comments and I currently have over 40,000 comments in queue waiting for approval. Since less than 1 percent of these are actual, legitimate comments, I’m going to delete them all and install a better control widget.

If you’ve had an approved comment previously, it looks like the comments get approved automatically. If you’ve commented since early December and don’t see it up there, please try commenting again in one week. By then, I should have the new stuff in place.

Thanks, and please email me if you have a recommendation for a good widget to avoid the problem in the future.

Best, and happy new year.