A Tale of Two Planners (Month One)

quote-Dwight-D.-Eisenhower-in-preparing-for-battle-i-have-always-47920I’ve talked before (lots of times) about the importance of organization for writing, training and pretty much anything else you want to get done. You plan your work, try to work your plan, adjust your plan because it didn’t work, then get your work done.

I struggle with this. I am not by nature an organized individual, and having two kids makes it hard. For 2016, I Kickstarted two tools to help me: a pair of calendar journals that claim they will help me organize and motivate myself. Each month this year, I will tell you what I’ve learned about them. The end goal is to buy for 2017 the one I liked best…or to hack together a personalized version that uses the best of both.

Here’s What We’ve Got So Far
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