Itty Bitty Writing Space

Itty Bitty Writing Space is my third anthology of flash fiction, with submissions open now and its Kickstarter campaign launching on January 29th, 2019.

This is my third such Kickstarted flash fiction anthology. Flash fiction is short stories of less than 1,000 words.

Baby Shoes launched in 2014 and Flash in 2017. Both funded successfully and were just the most fun. I love flash fiction, but find it’s hard to get good anthologies of them because paying all the authors is a huge problem for traditional publishers.

But with a crowdfunded problem, all those authors becomes a feature, not a bug. They take a direct hand in getting the word out and everybody wins. So we’re doing it again. And this time we’re going big.

The concept is simple: bring you 100 authors with 100 voices you can digest in small bites whenever is most convenient for you. With luck, you’ll meet a few writers you’ll be happy to start a lifelong relationship with.

It’s like speed dating, only with books.

The Authors

I will be updating this page as we onboard writers over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, if you think you have the stuff to be part of the anthology, use the link below.

If you’re not up for submitting, but want to stay up-to-date on when and how to support the anthology, click below to sign up for the newsletter.

Submissions run from December 21 to January 14, or until we find 100 excellent pieces of super-short fiction. So submit early and submit often.

The Money

Each book I try new ways to get the authors paid something resembling what they deserve. The first time I tried a profit-sharing approach that amounted to something like $3.50 for every author. The second time I did a flat fee that paid authors less than I was happy with (but more than $3.50).

This time I’m doing an escalating pay scale based on how well we do. I’m setting our fund goal low at just $2,000 and sending every author a contributor copy. That’s a total of $600 for author compensation, which is about 1/2 of the net income from the book. Which feels fair.

At $4,000, I’m giving the authors $5 and a copy. That works out to $1,100 for author compensation…again, about half the net income from the book.

For every $2,000 above that everybody gets a $5 raise. It scales up that way forever, with me giving half the profits to the authors with each new benchmark we hit. Our past campaigns funded around the $3,000 range and I would love to blow the doors off this one to get the stories in front of more backers. I’m hoping this will incentivize the authors to help promote the book and achieve massive success.

Honestly, I’d love to hit $10,000. That makes a decent payday for the editorial staff, pays all the infrastructure costs, and gets each author $20…at least 2 cents per word, which isn’t a bad rate for fiction.

The Team

Besides the authors, we also have a great staff working behind the scenes on Itty Bitty Writing Space.

Dani J. Caile is the respected author of multiple cracked masterpieces and a fantastic proofreader and editor, on board to help us select and edit the 100 pieces for this anthology.

Lorna Simons, our proofreader/copy editrix. She’s spend the past decade editing everything from magazine articles, to novels, to scientific papers. And she’s a little OCD.

Me, Jason Brick. I’m not that interesting, but it turns out I’m pretty good at anthologies. I’ve written, published, edited, or ghostwritten over 45 books since 2004, and I lead the Iron Writer community over on Facebook.

I’ll also be posting our cover designer’s info, as soon as we land on who that will be.

That’s It For Now, Folks…

I’ll post updates as things develop. I’m excited about this, for all kinds of reasons. Are you excited, too?