Somebody once accused me of being an android sent back in time to kick ass at giving presentations.

Business Writing CoachIf you spend the first pair of decades in your adult life teaching karate, your speaking chops* get pretty sharp. I’ve convinced special forces team members they can learn combat tricks from me, taught business leaders how to organize priorities, and entertained a gym of 600 grade school students to the point they were quiet for minutes at a time.

The medium doesn’t matter: I focus on the message. Conference workshops and keynotes? I eat ’em with a side of caffeine. Podcast or radio interviews? No problem. Television doesn’t scare me, and I haven’t looked stupid on screen yet. I’ve spoken on both coasts of the USA, all time zones in between, and two other countries**.

If you need a speaker for your event, or a trainer for your team, I am most definitely your huckleberry. I will show up and deliver one of the talks described below, or work with you to develop a presentation that kicks ass and takes initials because your people are too revved up to wait for names.


  • The Ownership Evolution
  • “Can’t” Ain’t Nothin’ but Fear Misspelled
  • Handle Stress, Bark Less


My business talks draw on 10 years of training from business masters, then applying that training in businesses I’ve owned. A few talks I’ve presented to teams of two and rooms of hundreds include:

  • Social Media Superhero in Six Months
  • Too Many Hands on Your Time
  • Too Hard, Didn’t Bother
  • Internet Marketing 101
  • Business Books for Fun and Profit


Go to a tech convention and everybody works in tech. Go to an HR convention and everybody  works in HR. Go to a writing convention and everybody asks what you do for a living.

I present these talks in hopes that more people will be able to answer that question with “I write.” Because writing for a living is wonderful.

  • The Writer as Serial Entrepreneur
  • 9 Habits of Highly Profitable Writing
  • Social Media Superstar in Six Months
  • Shut. Up. And. Write.
  • Editors are as Scared of You as You are of Them


Martial arts is my second favorite thing (after my family). I’ve trained for 30 years, taught for 20, and been dumb enough to “field test” what I’ve learned more than most of my peers.  When I talk about safety and defense, even E.F. Hutton listens***.

  • Kenpo Self-Defense for Adults
  • Safety and Defense for Travelers
  • Military and Police Combatives
  • Beating the Bully Without Beating Him Down
  • Family Safety and Defense for Parents


I use powerpoint for a lot of my talks, and promise attendees that I’ll put some of them up on my website. If I promised, here they are.


 *Chops. Get it? Chops. Pun intended.

**So far.

***Did I just date myself? I hear that’s good for prostate cancer.


Photo credits for Business and Writing sections: Harry Brink

Photo credit for Safety section: Stephen Gueck