Rule 8 Of Profitable Writing

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Today we’re going to look at an aspect of the job that feels more like running a business than like writing — but don’t panic. Being a professional writer¬†means you run a business. It’s just that most freelance writers don’t act like it.

Business experts from Mike Gerber to Tom Callos agree that the statistics driving your business are your most important tool for long-term success. They’re the vital statistics that tell you how healthy your business is, and the better you monitor them, the more money you’re going to make. That’s why Rule 8 is…[pwal id=”22050264″ description=””][/pwal]
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Rule 7 of Profitable Writing

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I talk with a lot of writers these days, at conferences and when folks contact me via email. Most of them have assigned themselves some kind of a beat. “I’m a travel writer,” they say, or “I write about sports.”

Which is great. Writing about our passions is one of the best parts of this gig. But almost all of these people then ask me why it is they can’t go full-time as writers. And they’ve already answered their own question. They’ve violated the 7th Rule of Profitable Writing… Continue reading

Rule 6 of Profitable Writing

Writer For Hire Part six of nine (and a half).

All businesses need a business plan, and your writing business is no exception. It doesn’t have to be 80 pages of professionally prepared analysis ready to show angel investors, but it does need to be a simple document you can reference when you’re not sure what to do next. If you don’t have time for that — or don’t feel like doing it — it’s still a good idea to have and follow the most important part of any business plan. Continue reading

Rule 5 of Profitable Writing

Writer For HirePart five of nine-and-a-half.

Last week I talked about the rule most responsible for what success I’ve experienced. Now we’ll talk about the habit that’s missing from most of the people who come to me for advice. Writers aren’t alone in this. In fact, it’s a point Michael Gerber brings up again and again in his books for entrepreneurs of all stripes. Rule five of profitable writing is….

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