People Say the Kindest Things

Written in the straightforward style of Gary Paulson with a dash of Terry Pratchett’s magic! – Debby Dodds, author of Amish Guys Don’t Call. 

Jason leads in surprising ways.” – Dan Repperger, host of Fear the Boot

“This has worked beautifully for me. Relationships with family and others have greatly improved. Financial rocks as I have paid all off my credit cards and saved enough to replace the furnace. Personal space also rocks as I can now use my kitchen and living room (no longer filled with boxes), I cleared one storage unit, and cleared half of the garage.  I did submit a children’s book to a contest, provided some reviews for others, and took several writing classes. – Helen Carothers, 2019 Write Like Hell Alumnus

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Who Does He Think He Is?

Jason Brick is a professional writer, martial artist, travel addict, and dad whose work has been published across multiple genres and formats.

He has contributed over 3,000 articles and short stories to print magazines and online sites in topics ranging from home improvement, to health and wellness, to cocktail recipes, to small business management. Some of Jason’s top-level corporate clients include Black Belt and Thrillist magazines, American Express, Intuit, and Mint.com.

Jason has ghost-written more than 20 books and ebooks for corporate and private events. All five volumes of his Random Encounters series were simultaneously in their category top 10 on Amazon in early 2016.

He is also an accomplished speaker, and frequently travels to host workshops and deliver lectures at various writer’s conferences and festivals. When not writing, he studies jujitsu, capoeira, and kenpo karate, cooks, travels, and spoils his delightful wife and two fine sons. He lives in Oregon.