Black Belt Redux

Just an announcement that you can find more of what I think of self defense in this month’s Black Belt Magazine.

It’s the first of a series of regular installments I’m doing for them about the benefits of martial arts training. This time, we talk about anger management — a subtle, but important, aspect of getting a good workout in an environment that teaches patience and self-control.

Two added bonuses. This first installment was in the 50th anniversary issue of the magazine. Just by coincidence, but it will mean more exposure. Second, the anger management bit mentions my mentor Tom Callos by name and appears next to a picture of the man hisownself. So not only is my byline in the 50th anniversary edition of Black Belt, but it’s there next to a picture of my friend.

Life is good.  Thanks for listening.

PS: Stay tuned for more exciting news about the trouble Tom and I are getting into….

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