The Job I Want

This week will consist of a bunch of short posts. I’m in recovery from a minor surgery and, although everything went well, the pain meds are making my attention span shorter than it usually is.

You know what job I want? I want to be the Google front page guy. More days than not, Google replaces their standard front-page logo with a stylized logo that celebrates a birthday or anniversary…first cosmonaut, Montgomery Bus Boycott, famous artists, the fall of the Berlin Wall…all manner of cool people and happenings. It would be fun to get paid to choose and research who makes that list.

Of course, at Google, it probably isn’t a job. Google uses the concept of “20 percent time,” under which employees are free to work on whatever they want (so long as it’s for the company) one day per week. Google Docs and Google Maps are two of the products to come out of 20 percent time, and it seems likely that the front page celebration is, too.

Of course if I’m wrong, Google, please give me a call. We’ll talk.

Thanks for listening.

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