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I wrote once before about the New Pulp Era , about how the ease of access to publishing means we can all publish our work for an audience of billions. Writer Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn is not only using an intriguing model for making her living in this era, but offers a free eBook on exactly how you can do it, too.

You can sign up for a free subscription and receive her book Author 2.0 at this website. The book describes in broad strokes how her model works, how it contrasts to traditional routes of publishing, and what 21st century authors must do to build an internet platform.

Author 2.0 describes a line of demarcation between free content you use to build readership — such as blogging, newsletters and expert interviews — and the content you charge for, like speaking engagements and full-length books. It’s a simple structure, and one you can make work for you if you have the hours available in your week.

Pros of Author 2.0 are its simplicity and the truth of what Joanna is saying. This is the model she’s using, and that others have used, to make a full-time living as a professional writer. It’s a strong primer to introduce you to what may be the best opportunity for lifestyle design as a writer.

The biggest con of Author 2.0 is that it’s a fairly typical eBook. It’s long on rah-rah, and short on details. Like other promotional free eBooks, its purpose is to give you just enough information to want to hear more from its creator. Folks who have been paying attention won’t learn anything new from it, but they might still benefit from the clarity of its organization.

Bottom line Author 2.0 is worth every penny Joanna charges for it. I’d probably even pay a few bucks. New and aspiring writers will definitely benefit from giving it a look. Folks with more experience can still get some value — though much of it will be from inspiration and organization, rather than information.

Joanna’s website and content are full of deeper insights and more actionable advice. Whether or not you sign up for the subscription and book, I recommend taking a look and listen.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Author 2.0

  1. Thanks so much Jason, and redoing the Blueprint is actually on my To Do list. I want to link it through to a lot more of the detailed content on the blog. I appreciate it’s an introduction to the internet marketing model but it is aimed at newbies. Many authors don’t even have a list for people to sign up to in order to buy their books so it’s aimed at trying to educate that market. Connecting with book buyers directly is the only way to stand out in this crowded market without a massive book deal.
    From the blueprint, there is also a series of emails that comes afterwards with more info including links to over 50 hours of audio on writing, publishing and book marketing.
    I wish you all the best with your writing and publishing,

    • Thank you for the detailed response, Joanna. I first came across your site when hunting for podcasts, and yours has intelligent and actionable advice. If you ever want to do a guest post about your services and career as a writer, I’d love to chat about it. Just email me.

      Thanks again. Best of luck.

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