Entrepreneurial Writing, Again.

I apologize for five consecutive days of “radio silence” —  including no Friday Fun or Sunday Accountability Report. I was at a conference run by Tom Callos for local martial arts school owners.

Tom is the leader of the Ultimate Black Belt Test and The One Hundred — two progressive martial arts associations. He’s my mentor and friend, and I’ve mentioned him before at this blog. His seminars are designed to help people improve how their schools are run, and the impact their dojos have in the local community.

I don’t run a martial arts school anymore. I teach a small group of private clients. However, Tom’s advice is applicable to many businesses.

Including the business of writing.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some thoughts and resources about how to better run your writing like a business. Right now, since Tom’s seminar included about three metric buttloads of getting thrown around the mat, I’ll just throw down a preview of topics before my arms give out entirely.

  1. Goal-based budgeting rather than income-based budgeting.
  2. The importance of metrics.
  3. New media opportunities for creative professionals.
  4. The scale of audience in the new pulp era.
  5. Lifestyle design.
  6. Life lessons from peaceful martial artists.
  7. Making your passion your profession.

Stay tuned, and start with the comments. These ideas work much better as a dialog than as a lecture.
Thanks for listening.


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