Recursive Request

Hey all, I’ve been blogging out into the universe for the better part of the year. You’re kind enough to give me feedback from time to time, and I’ve gotten a few offers for sponsorship. I guess that means I’m occasionally reaching people. So that’s good. As a professional writer, I deal with requests and instructions from editors every day. Sometimes it makes the work better. Sometimes it’s frustrating*. Either way, it’s part of the work. I’d like to ask you all for some editorial advice. Since January, I’ve covered topics ranging from finding clients to organizing finances to resources for writers. What topics would you like to see me cover more of? Less of? What would you like to see that you haven’t seen before? I’m looking to y’all for advice. Comment down below and I’ll do what I can. ________________

*For example, an editor on a health and fitness website who wanted me to eliminate a source I used. Seems the editor thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was a "politician and actor, not an expert in bodybuilding."

2 thoughts on “Recursive Request

  1. From what I’ve seen so far, they’re all everyday things that one could easily do in a heartbeat with not thinking too hard about or the steps that are taken. When you break it all down, making it that much easier you make others think; allowing them to not only understand what they’re doing, also why they’re doing it and how they can possibly improve upon it. It centers around things you experience and not just things you see through your eyes. You’re going through these things yourself. You’re not only going on about it, you’re showing people what happens because it’s happened to you at least more then once. I say keep writing things like that, share to what you’ve learned from days gone old. I’d love to see more experiences upon writing criteria, things that built you up to being a writer to possibly expand that experience for myself. I do quite enjoy tales you have to bring people to an understanding point about other topics, such as family ideals, working out, or being with partners in a business environment. I for one, would love to see more instances of your field in writing.

  2. For me, I’m most interested in writing motivation tips I can pass along to my lady, or amusing anecdotes on any topic, or the occasional work-from-home related story or tips.

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