Writer-Entrepreneur: Your Marketing Plan

As a freelance writer, you are running a business. Running a business successfully means having — and following — a marketing plan. Here’s the thing about marketing plans. They rarely pay off in real time, and that can give you the mistaken belief that they are wasted time and effort. You have to wait to see the results come in. An intelligent marketing plan — as opposed to just randomly publicizing and advertising your service — can keep you on track while you wait for the time and numbers to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. My marketing plan has been simple. Since one of my major clients went spiraling downward, I’ve sent five proposals per day to potential clients. That’s 25 a week, since I don’t usually work weekends. Five weeks later, I’ve actually had to refer some offers to other writers I know. It’s really that simple.

  • Step One: Prepare a professional online portfolio and resume, complete with some testimonials or references.
  • Step Two: Apply to jobs every work day.
  • Step Three: Keep applying for jobs.
  • Step Four: Continue to keep applying for jobs.
  • Step Five: Get work. Do the work with excellence and precision … while continuing to remain steadfast about applying for jobs.

Running my karate school, I always had four or five initiatives running at any given time. I had a referral program, partnerships with local schools, community outreach, yellow pages (later online only), and various specials. All running at once, which kept the phone funky and http://www.makarand.com/40mg-nolvadex Amazon m stars.

ringing. As a freelancer, it’s unlikely that you have a large facility, fleet of vehicles and six-figure payroll to support month after month. Your marketing plan doesn’t have to be that complex…but it must be just as well-defined. And you have to follow it, analyze the results, and make changes as appropriate. Other writers out there, I’d love to hear some of the ways you’ve found clients. Thanks for listening.