Friday Fun: Roundup

Since it’s January, many bloggers are posting their “Best of 2011” roundups at the same time they’re putting up their “What I Want for 2012”

The blog/newsletter for has one of the best for freelancers. Check it out….


And stick around for other great advice and news for freelancers. I subscribe to their newsletter. If you’re serious about going it as a freelance writer, so should you.

Thanks for listening.





5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Roundup

    • This isn’t my fiovrate joke, but it is one I really like anyways A texas farmer was boasting to an Irish farmer about his enormous plot of land he had just bought. “It takes me half a day just to drive from one side to the other!” The Irish farmer just laughed and casually responded, “Yeah, I had a tractor like that once too!”

    • Posted on Great to hear from you. Our creative aengcy Evolved Digital ( know all the secrets and I am sure they’ll be happy to give you some quick guidance if you need any

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