Writer-Entrepreneur: Your Business Model (Part One)

The first step of most entrepreneurial cycles is coming up with a business model: the way your endeavor will make the profits that feed your family. For example, the business model of McDonald’s is to make consistent, quick hamburgers.

As a writer, your basic business model is to write words and get paid. You’ll need greater focus, though, if you want to structure your freelance business for success.

Freelance writing has hundreds of potential business models, especially in the new pulp era of internet publishing. A few business models that have made me money include:

  • Blogging for advertising income
  • Writing travel guidebooks for traditional publishers
  • Writing articles for hobby magazines
  • Ghost-blogging for financial services
  • Producing online content articles
  • Creating business documentation
  • Reviewing travel destinations, books and restaurants

These specific writing assignments lie at the intersections of my expertise and powerful market demand — and thus get me the regular and lucrative assignments I need. In 2012, I hope to add some other business models, including a podcast, audiobooks, young adult fiction, nonfiction books, national magazines and travel writing.

If you’re a working writer, what are your business models? I’d love to see some in comments. Next time, we’ll talk about two other important parts of your business model: strong definitions and diversification.

Thanks for listening.

One thought on “Writer-Entrepreneur: Your Business Model (Part One)

  1. I want to be a writer just like ryeevbody else i have a group of friends who actually read my books and cant wait until i get done with a certain chapter or book. I want to know if there are more people like me who start writing a book and no matter what they cant stop writing they just have to finish the book. Even though the book maybe stupid and most likely doesn’t make any sense you just cant stop. Am I the only one who is addicted into writing a story? I have gotten to a point in which a person can say any word and I would be able to write a story on it. I want to know how do i get notice where are the good places you can go to get your books notice? And does anybody know how many pages it takes to make a pilot script for a tv series or movie? my guess 500 pages but i could be wrong? please respond i dont care if you think i am asking you ridicules questions that i should already know but i dont care?

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