Wednesday Writing Prompt

We have a new regular feature!

Alert readers already know about fellow author Ian Scofield, whose work I reviewed some time ago on this very blog. Ian has agreed to provide a weekly writing prompt for our readers to get their creative juices flowing. Without further ado, heeeeere’s Ian!

“Welcome to Writing Wednesday Prompt! Each Wednesday we will provide you with a new creative prompt, in turn you will write a response. Every week’s prompt will be a little bit different so pay attention to the instructions. When you are done writing your response post a link to it in the comments section bellow. Good luck, have fun, and most of all keep writing.

This week respond to the following prompt with at least 500 words.

Your main character is trying something that they have never done before, something new. Show us how they feel, bring us into the experience.

The point of this prompt is to work on showing and not telling. It also fits because this is the start of something new. Have fun with it.”

Tell me what you think, I decided to keep what I was going to use as my first prompt for the second week so that we could have something to do with being new as the first prompt.


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