Ian Scofield’s Wednesday Writing Prompt

Another writing prompt from our buddy Ian Scofield. 

You are going on the greatest adventure of your life!  Where is it?  How do you get there?  What do you do while you are there?  Who do you go with?  Think on this and start writing within a minute or so.

Goal: 7 minutes of writing.

Have fun, folks.

2 thoughts on “Ian Scofield’s Wednesday Writing Prompt

  1. Craig closed his eyes and tried to imagine what he should bring this time… Of all the adventurous places he’d spent time before, his current destination always topped his list. Sometimes exciting, sometimes exhausting, sometimes surprising. But never, ever boring or dull. Craig finished packing his bag with various bottled liquids and battery-powered implements and headed out to his car.

    Would there be other people there this time? Sure, that had only happened once, and with mixed results, but Craig still hoped he was the only visitor today. Well, it’s not like it was a secret location or anything like that. Dozens, maybe even hundreds, had forayed there before Craig, and there would likely be dozens, or maybe even hundreds, after him… That didn’t damp Craig’s enthusiasm a bit though. Just because the spot wasn’t pristine didn’t mean much to Craig in this case. Experience sometimes brought it’s own rewards.

    The short drive complete, Craig turned off the car and smiled at himself in the rear-view mirror, taking a moment to mentally prepare for the exertion in his near future. This was usually the part that made him nervous, not knowing what was going to happen next… But not today, Craig patted his backpack self-assuredly, he came prepared for nearly anything!

    Ready now, Craig shouldered his backpack and slowly ambled up the short sidewalk to your mom’s house, lube and toys merrily sloshing and jouncing in the bag on his shoulder.

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