Ian Scofield’s Wednesday Writing Prompt

A while ago I found a prompt along these lines and really liked it.  I was thinking about it today and couldn’t find it so I figured I would reword it for you all.

Pick three people you knew a significant amount of time ago and miss.  Write all three of them down.  You don’t have to use their full names or even real ones if you are posting this online.  Write what you miss about them, what you wish you could tell them, and why they are so significant.

One of the major reasons I picked this prompt is because since responding to it myself I have talked to one of the people I wrote about and got to tell them what I wanted to.

One thought on “Ian Scofield’s Wednesday Writing Prompt

  1. I know its been several weeks since I have responded to these and wanted to change that. 🙂

    The first person would have to be Kelly, my birth mom. I didn’t really get to know her and I regret that. Not long after I started to talk to her my freshman year of college she passed away. There is so much I want to tell her, I am not sure if I could write it down. I want to tell her about everything that is going on and want her to know everything that has happened since she passed away. Quite a lot has happened.

    The second person on this list is Grace, the person who played, well Grace, in one of my online short stories. This one is a little different. The reason I want to see her is not because she makes me happy anymore its because I want to show her that she made me stronger despite how mean she could be. Recently (with in the last couple years) I have come to realize exactly how our relationship worked and the problems and used it to make my life stronger. Grace was my second high school girlfriend but I consider her my first real girlfriend.

    Last on my list is Alexandria. Now some of my friends might kick themselves over this one but I still think she qualifies as someone who should be on here. Alexandria was quite a valley girl so a lot of my friends didn’t like her. The first thing I would do upon talking with her is to apologize. After my relationship with Grace, I brought the qualities she taught me into my relationship with Alexandria and ruined it. Alexandria is a past girlfriend of mine that I had a very unique relationship with. We were on again off again and it was because I wasn’t quite sure where I stood.

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