Friday Fun: Authorship

Google’s Penguin update ruined a lot of the oldest, bestest tricks for making SEO work. The bad news is this has spoiled a few good markets for aspiring freelancers. The good news is that the new algorithm has potential to give writers the importance they (so obviously) deserve.

This is because of a new thing called “authorship” Google is rolling out. In essence, it ranks writers and experts much the same way Google has always ranked pages. It will interact with other search conditions to help the best content float to the top.

This report by Tom Anthony of SEOMoz tells about it way better than I could.

Seriously. Read this.

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    • I remember you! That story sketches was great, but you didn’t update as much as I would have liked you to. Great to “see” you again! What’s your new project? I totally want to check it out.

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