A New Project: Domain Registry of America

The Domain Registry of America is a Scam

They’re not even a creative scam. It’s a derivative dodge based on an idea unscrupulous humans have been using for centuries. Their mistake is they tried — unsuccessfully — to run their scam on me.

A lot of my readers have been wanting to know in detail how to specifically target keywords for search engine optimization. I was wondering how to do it, procrastinating even, when their letter hit my mailbox.

So, we’re going to have a tutorial on getting your page above the fold on Google. Specifically, we’ll target people searching for “Domain Registry of America” and make sure they see all about how the Domain Registry of America is a scam. Along the way, I’ll show you the steps I’m taking piece by piece.

Should be fun.

4 thoughts on “A New Project: Domain Registry of America

  1. Should be fun. Comments are becoming a double-whammy (even a triple-whammy of web optimization). Smart comments attached to your name show up on Google and help your author rank. The comments themselves can draw eyes to your page as people try to figure out who you are. Finally, the blogger you comment with might reach out to you, or mention you in another post — which can lead to more optimization for your brand and your site.

    Do you have a website for your photography? Also, when will you be in Portland next? That article needing photos is still in the atmosphere….

  2. Hi Candy,

    I know a domain registry service that charges $10 a year. I’ll hook you up if you want.

    Congrats about the baby!!!!

    The article will be on a particular form of self-defense, and we need somebody to shoot photos of a guy beating me up.

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