Friday Fun: Erin Evans

Hi everybody, meet Erin Evans. Erin, meet everyone. Erin is a freelance writer, and author of the books The God Catcher, Lesser Evils and Brimstone Angels. Erin invited me to participate in an exciting little romp you’ll hear more about next week. Meanwhile, check out her web page. It’s worth the time.

Erin M Evans

Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Erin Evans

  1. So I was only introduced to the Forgotten Realms when someone gave me their Campaign Setting book about ten years ago. Since that time I have soaked up as much knowledge of Toril and the realms as I have been able. Kudos to you for taking on Tieflings and Dragonborn in your books. They need love too. I’m more of a Hin guy, they just call to me but I have gotten off on a tangent from the start. I’m not going to ask you to read my novel or anything as I’m sure you get that thousands of times daily. I am however curious to know if you read fanfic at all and if so if it’s affected you’re writing in any way.

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