Domain Service Scam: And SEO Saga (Part Five)

Domain Service       Alert readers will recall my vendetta against the scurvy scallawags at Domain Registry of America. For new readers, here’s the deal. Domain service providers come at all levels of legitimacy and value. At the bottom of the heap, the folks normal scam artists scrape off their shoes after some time in a pasture full of sick cows, is Domain Registry of America. They contact people, presenting themselves as though they were a government agency, and attempt to get domains moved to their servers at 5 to 10 times the market price. People who prey on the gullibility or ignorance of others make me angry.



            So I’ve been writing this series of article that teaches readers how SEO works, while simultaneously moving my page up the ranks in searches for Domain Registry of America. Today, we have an object lesson. It’s been the better part of two months since my last post on this topic. A little bit after that post, I did a Google search for our two keywords: Domain Registry of America Scam and Domain Service. At the time, a search for Domain Registry of America Scam found my site on the fifth page. Domain Service ranked on the seventh. That’s not great shakes, but pretty okay for having four posts over the course of a month. Search today, and I’m gone. No appearance at all in the first ten pages.This illustrates the importance of consistently updating your content if you want to stay relevant on Google. Blogs, especially blogs that draw comments to keep them active for days or weeks after you drop a post, are one of the best ways to do exactly that. Bottom line: keep a blog if you want to rock Google. Keep it interesting so people will engage with it. I’m going to go ahead and say making this point is why I haven’t posted on the topic since before Christmas. It has nothing at all to do with getting busy with the holidays, then distracted by my oldest son’s cache of holiday video game gifts.  

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