The SEOWiSE Cometh…

Business Writing CoachI’ve been teasing and hinting about SEOWiSE for a while now. If you saw me at the Willamette Writers Conference, you know John Ellis and I have been working hard on this for almost a year.

Well, it’s here. 

What John and I discovered at the 2012 convention was that all writers writers need to engage about their work on the web, but almost none of use know how.

So we put together a course that teaches writers how to get the word out on the web. It’s eight weeks long and covers a lot of stuff:

  • Basic web concepts (to get you up to speed)
  • What Google looks for
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics
  • Using Google+ as your social media soapbox
  • Researching keywords to give you an unfair advantage
  • Leveraging your skill as a writer to own the web
  • How to use WordPress to control your web platform
  • Reaching out to your heroes for fun and profit
  • Content marketing
  • Business concepts for writers

This is a business certification course, not for the faint or heart nor the weak of wallet. It’s for serious writers who want to learn new tools to make it in 21st century publishing. In our market research, we’ve found three kinds of writer who really benefit from what the course offers.


Experts — people who aren’t really writers, but rather want to produce a book or blog to further a different career. Experts especially benefit since most of the concept apply as quickly to your practice or business as to writing itself.

Authors — those who write books for a living, or want to write books for a living. Some authors come kicking and screaming to the course, because they think they can still write a book a year and let some publisher worry about promotion. They’re wrong. Even if you want to go the traditional route, building a platform by getting WiSE to SEO (see what I did there) makes you exponentially more likely to get picked up.

Freelancers — folks like me, who write for hire. Learning how to leverage your writing on the web not only puts a freelancer’s work in front of more eyes, but it puts it in front of those eyes by demonstrating that you’re great at what you want them to pay you for. 

Business writing coach

Here’s the bad news: our inaugural class is already full. It launches on Monday and I’m really jazzed about it.

Here’s the good news: the second flight still has some openings. Go to to register for our newsletter, or just email me for more information.


If you want the basics, go to the same website Registering will give you access to all the slides from the presentations John did about the WiSE concept at this year’s conference. If you want to learn more, just reach out. We’ll get you the information you need.



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