Transitions and Something Cool


Hey All!

I imagine a lot of folks have been wondering where I’ve been. What used to update all the time is now a big ol’ pocket of radio silence…

No reason to make a bunch of excuses. I’ve been busy. Really busy. A few of the things I’ve been busy with include:

  • Running the Willamette Writers Conference
  • Going to a bunch of other conferences
  • Working on the sequel to my YA novel that came out last spring
  • Various promotional events for said YA novel
  • Just a pile of ghostwriting projects
  • Spoiling my sons all summer long
  • Getting married

But That’s Not All…

The other big thing I’ve been doing is making a big transition in my professional life.

Beginning October, I’m no longer “Brickcommajason, That Writer Guy.”

I’ve been getting too much work, and meeting too many aspiring writers I’ve been mentoring. And making too many connections with brilliant editors, agents, artists, publicists, and web designers.

So Brickcommajason is going to be making a big change. Starting next month, I’m turning into a We. Brick By Brick Literary Services launches next month.

What That Means For Existing Clients

Nothing at all. I will still be writing what I promised I will write. Except for a little tweak to the invoicing, you won’t even notice a difference…except I’ll have more time to focus on you since I’m giving some of my upkeep tasks to a loyal minion. If in the due course of time it seems right to hand you over to a member of my team, you will be the first person to hear about it and have absolute veto power.

As a plus, you’ll also get fast and affordable access to stuff I don’t currently do: design, copy editing, developmental editing, web help, publicity and social media expertise, art, layout, and stuff I don’t even know what it’s called.

What That Means for Events and Conferences

After the initial push to organize everything, this will be one of my main foci. I’ve been speaking for pay since 2004, but it’s been an adjunct to my other work (both as a writer, and before that as a martial arts teacher).

I’m shifting over the course of 2018 and 2019 to push through to that next level of public speaking. I’m not going to become one of those horsepucky motivational gurus, but I will be delivering on-topic, up-to-date, action-oriented classes on many things publishing and business. I’ll also be doing readings at schools, and there’s a couple of “I’ve never seen that before” self-defense workshops I’m putting together.

Stay tuned.

What That Means For Businesses

Businesses who need writing probably have the most to gain from this change. Instead of just little old me typing my fingers to the bone, you will now have access to a superstellar team of professionals.

  • Don’t love my writing style? We have a minion for that.
  • Love my writing but don’t love my prices? We have a minion for that.
  • Need better copy editing than I can provide? We have a minion for that.
  • Insights from an industry-leading agent? I have a partner for that.
  • Web design? Layout? All that jazz?

Yup. We have you covered.

What That Means For Writers

If you’ve spent time with me at all, you know I’m a huge writing geek. I love to talk, advise, hear stories, commiserate, and otherwise interact with writers. This blog is part of that.

And it’s never going to change.

But I’ll also be adding an array of services for writers and aspiring writers. Classes, coaching, strategic services, query help, you name it. A lot of it will still be free, and what we do charge for will be worth 1/10th of what we ask.

What That Means For My Subscribers

This is a good news/bad news scenario.

The good news is I’ll still blog over here once in a while. Mostly more personal observations and news. The occasional political rant. Travel adventures. That sort of thing.

The bad news is I won’t do it as often as I used to (but I will be doing it more often than in the past six months).

The other good news is this content will stay up, and my newsletter will be even more active. If you haven’t already, click here to subscribe to that. It will be the most frequently updated part of my content for writers

This Ain’t Goodbye…

It’s a new beginning. And I’m really, really excited about it.

One last thing, though: watch carefully next week. I’ve got a big thing launching and you should check it out.

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