Alrighty, Then

Fans, friends and total strangers alike know that I’m actually getting some traction in this freelance writing thing. Clients are lining up. Assignments are coming in. Got that book turned in and another in the works. I’m told that the next step is to get me to a bloggery. So here I am. Here you’ll find my thoughts on writing, reading and random other stuff. You can also find my portfolio, and some links to who’s publishing my stuff lately. Happy new year to all.

Thanks for listening.

Editor’s Note: 4.5 years later I’m still at it. Things have changed in my life, and changed even more in the industry. I did a lot of things wrong, plus a few things right. If you’ve actually gotten all the way back to this post, just know I appreciate your fandom and support.

I literally couldn’t have done this without you.