Friday Fun: Litopia

Things that are only tangentially related to this post, but were necessary for it to become reality.

  • I love podcasts.
  • My wife and I recently made the switch to iPhones.
  • Stitcher smart radio (an app that’s basically Pandora for podcasts) advertises on three of the ‘casts I already listen to regularly.

Stitcher led me to Litopia. The podcast is 30 to 60 minute British radio programme (look at me being all bilingual) about writing, writers and the publishing industry. The website includes news, advice, utilities and a thriving international community.

I especially like this podcast here: “All My Friends Are In Hell — And There’s Light Enough to Read By.” Christopher Moore, one of my literary heroes, and internet superguru Seth Godin are among the guests these guys manage to get on board.

The Seth Godin episode also led me to The Domino Project, a new way to get yourself a book deal — and a model that may be the new face of literature the way Napster prophesied the new face of music.

Check them out. It’s all fascinating, and a lot of it’s funny.

Thanks for listening.

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