The Importance of Metrics

Fans of my now-defunct Accountability posts won’t be surprised by what I have to say today. I’m going to talk about metrics.

In business, metrics are the numbers you use to measure your business. They can measure money in, money out, amount produces, effort expended…all manner of what goes on in your business.

The trick is figuring out what to measure, how to measure it, and why it matters. Major corporations hire entire departments of people to figure this out. As a freelancer, you’re likely to have to do this on your own.

Things you may want to keep track of include

  • Pages or words written toward a long-term project or assignment
  • Sort-term assignments turned in
  • Money earned and invoiced
  • Earned money paid in or deposited
  • Number of proposals sent out
  • Acts of networking or marketing
  • Unpaid or overdue invoices written off
  • Steps completed toward a long-term goal
  • Self-published books sold
How you keep track of it will depend on your personal goals, situation and preferences. I make the majority of my money from short-term advertising copy assignments, so my metrics focus in part on delivering several of these each day. Some day I’d like to make my money off of book sales, so I have other metrics based on writing and selling books, and building my platform as an author.
If you set the right metrics and analyze them frequently, it acts like a map and compass. It tells you where you’re going, and if you’re on the right path. But. Metrics will only work if you consistently look at them, compare them to your goals, and make adjustments as necessary.
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What do you do about your numbers and metrics? What’s important to your writing career, and how do you keep track?
Thanks for listening.