Friday Fun: Freelancing Ftaghn!

Another writing contest for the close of this week!

Step 1: Look at this picture:

Wagging the tentacle.

Step 2: Write a haiku. Aspiring writers, loyal fans and general malcontents alike should send in their entries by commenting below. If you’re shy, you can email me at instead. The winner will receive a signed copy of my newest short story The Eighth Day, printed on Rich Corinthian Leather, the flesh of the unclean, or resume paper (my choice). Submissions are due by next Thursday. I’ll pick the winner Friday morning and announce during next week’s Friday Fun. Show us all what you’ve got.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Freelancing Ftaghn!

  1. Is absentia from John Bertram, who is experiencing technical difficulties

    Cthulu hentai
    I know where this is going
    yet another meme

  2. Here’s one that is an attempt at a conversation between husband and wife as haiku:

    W: “A really cute pair”
    H: “One of the strangest I’ve seen”
    W: “Did you teach him that?”

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