Book Review: The Bobby Gold Stories

I’m a fan of Anthony Bourdain from his show No Reservations, in which he displays many of the traits of who I want to be when I grow up. I spotted this paperback in a carrel at my local library, and had to check it out*.

The book is structured as a series of short stories that combine to tell the story of violently competent loser Bobby Gold. Despite his thuggishness, you kind of like the guy. The prose is tight with that beatish rhythm Bourdain uses in his show. Several scenes had me laughing out loud in that “wife kicks you out of bed because she’s trying to get some sleep” way. It’s a quick read, and worth the handful of hours you’ll give it.

Bobby Gold beats Bite Me out for the #3 spot on my list of favorite fiction books I read this year. I’m starting to wonder if Bourdain is capable of anything but quality regardless of what venue he puts his had to.


*No pun intended **

**Ok, pun definitely intended.

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