Ian Scofield’s Wednesday Writing Prompt

This weeks prompt is going to be a lot shorter than normal. But thats the challenge. This week the goal is to write a whole story in only one sentence. Make your sentence as vivid and catchy as you can. Think of this as a start to working on an elevator pitch or selling a story really quickly. Rules: Only one period, question mark, or exclamation mark. Limit of 35 words.

3 thoughts on “Ian Scofield’s Wednesday Writing Prompt

  1. Stiff, exhausted, and sore all over, Sarah and Troy enjoyed a patio dinner; taking in the country view and the sunset’s beautiful colors as it highlighted the work on their project, their new home.

  2. Standing on the precipice of what is and what would surely be; David understood why it’s said that one’s whole life flashes before your eyes the moment before death takes you.

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