Benefits of Freelance Writing

Things are really looking up right now, keeping me busy with paid assignments and nifty new projects — hence me bumping down to one post a week here at the website. That means more work, more money and more success for yours truly.

But it doesn’t mean health insurance, fund-matched retirement savings, a free health club membership or any of the other nifty side benefits of going to work for The Man.

It does have a few of its own benefits, though. I don’t want to get too maudlin, but…

I’ve been writing full-time since halfway through my wife’s pregnancy. I’ve been at home for every week of my baby’s life. Most of my work days start with him toddling out to cuddle in my lap while I check email and social media accounts for things that require urgent attention. I get to watch him learn words and skills, explore the world and climb the damn bookcase again. I’m there to teach him his ABCs and to kiss his boo-boos when he falls off the bookcase.

When MiniMe, my oldest, gets home from school I’m there to ask about his day and get him sat at the homework table. I’m able to coach his wrestling team immediately after school and to volunteer at events. I’m home for dinner and there for breakfast.

These days, not a lot of parents get to have that kind of presence with their children. Among men, it’s almost unheard of. That, combined with complete control over how I spend my time is good enough benefit to keep me happy with this career choice.

How about you other freelancers out there? What’s your favorite part of the freelance life? What would you change if you could? What would you sacrifice to keep the benefits you value most?

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