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If you live in the Pacific Northwest and like what you’ve seen here, come see me speak live at one of three conferences (so far) where I’ll be giving workshops this year.

March 17-18, Seaside, Oregon: Travel & Words Travel Writers’ Conference. 

I was the keynote speaker last year, delivering a talk about systematizing your writing business. This year I’ll deliver a workshop intensive where participants will develop a specific plan to double their writing income by conference time next year.

The event also includes two top-notch panels and a chance to network with people from magazines like Northwest Travel and Alaska Air.

May 17 – 19, Wenatchee, Washington: Write on the River Conference

I’ll be speaking on Saturday, a talk called The Writer Entrepreneur. It’s just what it sounds like — an entry-level talk on professional mindset and habits for writers who want to go full time.

Wenatchee is out of the way, but beautiful, and they have a great lineup of other speakers I can’t wait to touch base with. If you’re looking for a smaller conference where you can really get to know other participants, this is a great choice.

August 2-4, Portland, Oregon: Willamette Writers Conference

This is the Big One. The top conference in the Northwest, and one of the top ten in the country. I’m speaking on Friday, a talk on building a platform as a writer to increase your name recognition and build your brand. It’s a one-year plan, similar to the workshop I’m delivering in Seaside.

If you’ve never been to this event, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s the kind of conference other writing conferences want to be when they grow up. This year, they’re adding a huge series of talks on the Internet for writers delivered by a guru of mine, John Ellis. He’ll be hosting a panel on Sunday that I’ll be a part of.


Come one, come all. If you’ve not done a writers’ conference yet, you have no idea what you’re missing. If you do them all the time, what are you waiting for?

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